Apex Legends Mid-Season Split Brings New Map and More

Apex Legends Legacy's mid-season split brings a redesigned map and a soft reset to Competitive ranks.

Apex Legends Mid-Season Split Brings New Map and More

Apex Legends has reached the middle point of its 9th season, Legacy. With it comes a new Competitive match, and a soft reset to player's ranked rating.

The new Competitive match for the Battle Royale game is Olympus, replacing the previous map World's Edge. For those who may not know, the change comes as an attempt from Respawn to spice things up halfway through the season, as Apex Legends only sees 1 map at a time for Competitive matches.

The Crossroads at Olympus in previous seasons

Of course, to make things more interesting, Olympus has been updated for the current Legacy season. While most of the map will be familiar to players, a particularly troublesome area has seen an overhaul. When heading to the Crossroads, the area that contains the intersection of Orbital Cannon, Bonsai Plaza, and Solar Array, you may be surprised to see it no longer exists.

Where the Crossroads used to stand, offering players incredible lines of sight to pick off approaching enemies, is now home to a massive ship called the Icarus. Not only does the new addition block off those pesky sightlines, but it creates an entirely new environment that used to be an empty field.

The Icarus offers a new POV for the Olympus map

In addition to the new map, the mid-season split brings a soft reset to player's Competitive Rank. The soft reset will drop everyone's current ranks by 1.5 tiers. This offers players to snag better rewards for ranking up once more, and bonus rewards if you finish the season at the same pre-reset rank.

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Source: Dot Esports by Pedro Peres