Amazon's New Sandbox MMO New World Out Now!

Amazon's hit new MMO New World is out now. Play with CarrySquad to complete Expeditions, level your professions, and take control of Aeternum.

Amazon's New Sandbox MMO New World Out Now!

The hit new MMO New World is available after a hit launch that drew over 700,000 players on release day. Play as a shipwrecked adventurer exploring the supernatural island Aeternum.

New World's premise has players on the island of Aeternum, which has been the source of countless legends for thousands of years. Shipwrecked on the island, players will need to forage, craft, hunt, and more to survive. Wield a variety of weapons such as melee weapons and ranged artillery, or wield supernatural powers of sorcery to battle enemies and other players.

The island of Aeternum

New World offers players a variety of things to do, including PvP, which is one of the main focuses of the game. Players can join one of three different factions in Aeternum: the church faction of the Covenant, the militaristic Marauders, and the secretive Syndicate. Players of each nation fight and claim towns, with each claimed territory providing more bonuses for your faction like damage increases and crafting discounts.

Garden of Genesis Expedition

If PvP isn't your style, there's much more in store. Players can take on Expeditions, five player instanced dungeons that provide unique stories and experiences. Loot tables are exclusive to each dungeon, providing exclusive gear to players who conquer the dungeon. To enter an Expedition, at least one player will need the Dungeon's Tuning Orb, which can be obtained from quests and crafted at a Stonecutting Table.

Refining Professions

At the heart of this sandbox MMO is an in depth crafting system, where players can choose from a variety of professions to hone their skill. Professions focus on Gathering, Refining, and Crafting, and include plenty of skills to level up in to become a professional. Gathering Professions include Fishing, Harvesting, Logging, Mining, and Skinning, Refining includes Tanning, Smelting, Stonecutting, Weaving, and Woodworking, and Crafting Professions include Arcana, Armoring, Cooking, Engineering, Furnishing, Jewel Crafting, and Weapon Smithing.

With so much to do and more content sure to come, players can jump in to the fray in New World now with CarrySquad!